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Product Code: HANDRAIL FRP

Price: Call

Description: The total of total of the total of total relocation are non can be highly, low weight, low support, an toàn and easy mount. Điều này làm cho FRP trở thành tuyệt vời xây dựng vật liệu cho môi trường ăn mòn. Hơn nữa, it is better than steel, steel not steel or steel

Product detail

For system design process, we always mount file system into FRP must be sure, global, persist, low level protection and anti high. FROC 100% Tayocn not fill and easy mount. FRP handrails are available in standard colors: Rall 1003 Yellow or Rall 7001 Gray.


FRP Tay in which size is in size and in normal format in tayl. Square, round ..., outside the shield below. All units are linked with each other with non matches. The usually usually used in building tools like the ladder, the walk, railing in the host of the host with the environment as the professional, your computer ...


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